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Hello, this is the official PastelArtz from Youtube.
Imma kittydog not a catdog lmao I'm also hooman alien oop-
My bf: Caseyshowie

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Posted by PastelArtz - September 8th, 2021

I'm thinking about leaving NG, for one, there's toxic people. But at the same time I'm not wanting to leave, but Im not even messing with anyone yet some people won't leave me alone @AngelStarFuture311 is one of them, but, I understand she doesn't like me and my bf but I'm not really Messing with her anymore so she's kinda bothering me.. now I just feel bad I ever joined, I'm just letting you know how I feel now, it's no one's fault here, but I really want you to know I might not be here any longer or I may not be active. The bullying is getting to me. I even work hard on my artwork, I am not making money off my work. If I did and I was really trying to plagiarize something, then you can consider me a ripoff. I do not ripoff kittydog, or Unikitty. If I was then you'll know. You don't know, or own me. I am my own person and you should realize I'm not always gonna be so sweet. The more you push me the more Im gonna quit being online. I feel like it's for the best because people don't seem to like me being here. I'll think about staying but, for now I'm not gonna be as active.


Posted by PastelArtz - September 1st, 2021

I feel like a dog woof woof lol


Posted by PastelArtz - August 28th, 2021

Then leave me alone please. That's all I ask. I do not need drama, and so do my friends... It's ok to have opinions on me, but it's not ok to cyber bully or harass me or anyone else. Scream at me all you want, but just know, it will not help any situation one bit. Move on from the drama. We all deserve peace, but yes sometimes we can go too far with our emotions. But it's ok to talk to someone else about it other then bringing your anger out on the person you dislike. Everyone is special in their own ways including you. And if you don't like me, that's completely fine. You don't have to like me. But I would suggest to not scream or spam me... I hope you read this and have a great day! 💕


Posted by PastelArtz - August 20th, 2021

I am C A T. thats it lol what am i doing-



Posted by PastelArtz - July 27th, 2021

So sorry for being really inactive here, I am really really busy now adays but I think that I can try to make more time here

Anyway yeh I also kinda left because of drama but imma try ignore that

So yeah I'm back yayyy


Posted by PastelArtz - June 22nd, 2021

I have never met someone that is older than me but acts like a younger child. A grounded series? Really? Wow. Real "mature". Good luck being in that community. Plus, it's made out of someone. That could possibly get you banned from newgrounds by doing that. That is considered cyber Bullying. Plus, why would I ever lie to anyone.? You act like some bratty ass popular school girl. That's not a good thing. And I know that you are trying to start drama like that, I simply had a long time crush on Casey and then we started dating each other. But what have you done with your life? Ask someone if they ever did cyber sex. Really? We can all see your true colours angel. You are toxic as it is. Please atleast go talk to someone about the drama instead of trying to make someone look bad. And making a grounded series for clout. Its not going to get you anywhere. And you are getting your friends to hate on innocent users as well. You are just bring more and more drama. You keep on ranting on other users, that could get you banned. But yes this is a rant I am making right now, but i have a reason to rant. You lie, you cheat, you are toxic and you are a backstabber. Get that through your head. Think about the damage you have done. This is your last chance. It's time to change yourself and be a better person @AngelStarFuture311 

Then maybe, just maybe, I can respect you more. And so will others. Hate me all you want. But things will come back to bite you in the ass.

Stop acting like a literal child and grow up!



Posted by PastelArtz - June 9th, 2021

So if you guys watch my YouTube channel, PastelArtz,

Then some of y'all's will probably know when my channel was created.

June 10, 2017. So tomorrow is my channel anniversary!!

Pretty happy, it's gonna be 4 years old tomorrow.

Anyway have this art I drew :33iu_326768_9285993.webp



Posted by PastelArtz - June 6th, 2021

So I'm not all that active here, considering there's a lot of drama happening, but I think I'll be ok. I just want casey to be happy, I don't want people attacking him. He's doing so well on changing his ways.

But if you all disagree, then leave him alone, yes not all of us can fix our mistakes, but soon you'll forget that he ever did anything...

And it's really getting annoying seeing you calling him an "eddsworld ripoff", it's really really annoying. It won't fix anything if you keep on ranting and doing this bull shit to him. It will make things worse. LET IT GO. Anyway, yes I will be making a birthday special on YouTube. My YouTube channel is PastelArtz if y don't know, I will put my birthday special on here aswell.


Posted by PastelArtz - May 22nd, 2021



Posted by PastelArtz - May 20th, 2021

My server got raided, by racist crap, so I'm really mad about it.. anyway, I'll feel better soon.. and also, @gamited just Please leave us alone, we don't want anymore drama happening around here, if you don't even like us then fine, just PLEASE leave us alone. And btw @AngelStarFuture311 can you please leave me and casey alone too? We already have too much drama to deal with.. just move on, you cheated. Plus, I'm really happy being with Casey, but if you and your friends are gonna keep us goin around in circles, you got another thing coming. This war ends NOW.