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Hello, this is the official PastelArtz from Youtube.
Imma kittydog not a catdog lmao I'm also hooman alien oop-
My bf: Caseyshowie

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ignore the word what i sayed called *end her*
but why youre having toxic people

I’ll make theses gay black ass n***as pay >:( I love u pastel

I don't know what happened, but to be honest I've been getting crapped on online for 4 years I kinda stopped caring after a year or two.

There are many reasons why people can be toxic, a few reasons can be is that people are bored, people are jealous, jealous of what they can't do that you're good at... Or even because they let themselves get harassed by other toxic people.
Toxicity is basically the online variation of face-to-face bullying.

Jealousy would probably be the key guess because anyone who's good at something (like art for example) is gonna get hated. I get hated by own friends because they can't accomplish the kind of art I make, one person even admitted it. I don't care what about people think of my content.

and trust me, you would probably be wrong about Newgrounds being toxic once you start using Twitter or something.

Also, if you keep letting people say stuff but not taking action, they might give up. Sure it takes time but that's one of the only options other than telling them what makes them that way.

Please don't leave

As a person who has suffered from online harassment i know how you feel babe. But please don't leave as much as there is bad pepole here. There's also good pepole here don't give up babe we your fans all love you no matter what. Ignore those assholes and focus on the nicer pepole online

@Theepicpump the reason why she's getting very unnecessary hate is because of angel lying about having cybersex and tried blaming it on my gf.

time to celebrate

take the L

PastelArtz more like Pastel-fart

well sry the things i said to you was toxic but you were telling lies about other people and
also i just don't like you cuz i don't like your oc and i just don't like you yea sorry it looks like what im saying is mean but i just don't like you

@DrizzySoda pay what?

i really feel sad about this decision, but its your life and you can do whatevr you want with it, i and your other 40 fans love your work


Sorry to hear that all of this is happening to you. The internet is and always will be a toxic environment, and you can't do much about it.