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Ok so @AngelStarFuture311

Posted by PastelArtz - June 22nd, 2021

I have never met someone that is older than me but acts like a younger child. A grounded series? Really? Wow. Real "mature". Good luck being in that community. Plus, it's made out of someone. That could possibly get you banned from newgrounds by doing that. That is considered cyber Bullying. Plus, why would I ever lie to anyone.? You act like some bratty ass popular school girl. That's not a good thing. And I know that you are trying to start drama like that, I simply had a long time crush on Casey and then we started dating each other. But what have you done with your life? Ask someone if they ever did cyber sex. Really? We can all see your true colours angel. You are toxic as it is. Please atleast go talk to someone about the drama instead of trying to make someone look bad. And making a grounded series for clout. Its not going to get you anywhere. And you are getting your friends to hate on innocent users as well. You are just bring more and more drama. You keep on ranting on other users, that could get you banned. But yes this is a rant I am making right now, but i have a reason to rant. You lie, you cheat, you are toxic and you are a backstabber. Get that through your head. Think about the damage you have done. This is your last chance. It's time to change yourself and be a better person @AngelStarFuture311 

Then maybe, just maybe, I can respect you more. And so will others. Hate me all you want. But things will come back to bite you in the ass.

Stop acting like a literal child and grow up!



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all I can hear is after every word is the vine sound effect (sorry for not taking this seriously.)

So True

I mean it is true. Since she acts like she's 9 and she's the same age as me. Not to mention she lies about me. Like dora isn't even my least favorite show yeah i don't like it but it isn't my least favorite show. Also she also misgendered me calling me a she. Even tho i'm a transgender man who doesn't like being called a she nor her at all. Not to mention that makes you transphobic. She also cheated on me before i did on her plus. I remember she broke up on me before i "cheated" on her so yeah. She's also likes NSFW stuff even tho she's 14 and it is illegal to publicly watch NSFW under the age of 18. So yeah i agree you you babe.

Seriously, what the f??? Why did you say that to her, maybe you'll apologize to Angela, right now! That's all a lie. Seriously, stop. I'm not trying to be mean, but serious, this is going way too far.

Like, what, that's mean. :I

That's false tho. She's not toxic at all. She is the kindest person I've ever seen in my life, right? Don't be mad at me, I just try to defend her. Like, calm down.

Well, I still don't know why it looks like a World War I, something like that...

I'm a little worried about you and Angela arguing and hating each other.

And if you didn't know, Angela never does something that you've said, you're a liar. >: I

Steps for you:
1. Take a break from Newgrounds.
2. Calm down.
3. Behave kindly to her next time, please. This time isn't tolerable anymore, please trust me.

@kruno5gaming Not trying to be rude. but that's her opinion everyone has a different opinion dude

@DenThatDude so, I don’t

right well now i've changed my mind, i'm on your side now!

its cool see kids arguing on newgrounds.

You guys are morons, the drama you are a part of is stupid as hell

Yeah guys lets side with the girl who defends an abuser, joked about fucking a 10yr olds corpse and LIED about being groomed. I don't side with any of the people in this situation but i had to let it be known.

Also pastel. Angel's 14 from my knowledge. and your acting JUST as immature. please stop being hypocritical.


don't care unikitty ripoff

@PeiceWasTaken Ok leafy clone

@CaseysWorld - eddsworld ripoff