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Hello, this is the official PastelArtz from Youtube.
Imma kittydog not a catdog lmao I'm also hooman alien oop-
My bf: Caseyshowie

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Posted by PastelArtz - September 11th, 2021

Look, I was trying to tone down my anger but for real, it's not right to just harass people like you do it's wrong to do so anyway.. don't say "ooo pastelshit lying" I'm not, you have harassed me and my boyfriend @Caseyshowie for awhile now and it's time you leave us alone please PLEASEEEE. listen to me, I am this close to going off the grid, and I can come off as very intimidating and aggressive. You don't wanna see.. also stop calling me names like that, and second, please stop calling my boyfriend a "she" that's literally being transphobic, and you should realize it. Even tho you dislike him, still. You should stop your ways... You've also been getting people to raid my servers aswell, for what? Just because I'm dating Casey doesn't mean you have to harass me like that. Open your eyes... You know how much damage has happened, and it's time for you to atleast find ways to fix yourself. Please don't assume things about me too quick. You don't exactly know me as well as you think. Your lucky I'm trying to stay as calm as I can about this. But again please think about this try to take my words in to consideration... Before you try to "expose" me again.. thank you and have a good day




Honesty i agree babe. @AngelStarFuture311 is honestly a bitch who needs to learn about her actions and what she is doing. She has done a lot of bad things like call me a she, Lie to her fans and blaming it at me and you and even manipulating her fans as well as even tracing. she's honestly a transphobic bitch who needs to learn that her actions are actually bad. Like seriously she has literally manipulated me into loving her by doing a thing called cybersex witch by the way little did i know i was groomed by her. And even then she was cheating on hezzy wayyyyyy before me and you started dating. honestly i hope she get's what she deserves

True, I just can't even get a break with her trying to ruin stuff, and I feel like she's trying to get her fans to mess with me aswell, I think that both me and you should just be careful bby, I just hope she gets what she deserves too

No me agrada ni apoyo a Casey pero reconozco que @AngelStarFuture311 es una puta

oh noooo what will pastel everrrr doooo tooo angelll omggg i'm sooooo scared

There's a block function on this site. Perhaps both of you should use it, because she's essentially cyberstalking you both at this point and screenshotting any of your announcements to comment about it. Block them, it will save you both the time and patience they're draining from you both. @Caseyshowie @PastelArtz

@PachiiMochii @PastelArtz pastel is legit slandering angel

@Caseyshowie cope harder little bitch

@Violetlovestar @PastelArtz id believe that if they brought any kind of evidence to the table about it, but they havent, and all ive seen is someone being derangedly obsessed with two people and constantly posting their every move. thats abnormal behaviour coming from a 15 year old, who shouldnt be doing this to begin with.

yall are using the wrong site if you want drama tbh.

@PachiiMochii @PastelArtz each move each response.

@Violetlovestar No offence but you seem like an alt account of that person. If i were you, the least id do is perhaps not act so suspiciously that you'd hard defend someone to this extent and look like an alt account in the process. Even your pattern of speech resembles that person.

Drama on this site is stupid to begin with, but being lowkey psychopathic isnt good and hardstalking two people that want nothing to do with you from what it seems like, also isnt good. Not hard to get a grip and back off, honestly. They dont want anything to do with them/you, so why not just do the same and not bother?

Weird. Kind of lowkey why i think kids should be banned from using the internet, because I guarantee if your parents saw you bashing other kids online, then they'd be ripping into you.

@SrJr5000 verdad

try blocking her

@PachiiMochii What

@Violetlovestar ?

remember guys stop harryassmint to pasty fart it is inappropriate and stinky

also #breakbobbyshmerdaout